Reflection For Choosing Appropriate Assessments For Your Course

  1. Consider the assessment and evaluation you currently use in your courses & the purposes they achieve. (eg: Why do you assign a term paper? What are the learning outcomes of that term paper? Is it time well spent(too much or too little according to the importance of its learning outcome?)
  2. What elements make up your grading philosophy? (Marks for participation/attendance, do they get to try an assignment or test a second time?)
  3. How can you involve students in the assessment process (self/peer assessment, rubric creation, choosing deadlines, creating test items, etc.)?
  4. Do your assessment methods reward deep learning?
  5. Are you conscious of workload (student and self)?
  6. Are criteria for marks clear? Process for determining grades clear?
  7. Does practice and feedback occur prior to grading?