Guidelines for Assessment

1. Clarity
Go over the criteria in advance.
Put comments in clear, concise and simple language

2. Immediacy
Return assignments promptly while the topic is still fresh in the students’ mind.

3. Regularity
Provide feedback, verbal or written, in & out of class regularly, not just on written assignment.

4. Accessibility
Be available to provide further clarification or comment if needed.

5. Individualized
Provide specific as well as general comment.

6. Affirming
Acknowledge both effort and achievement.

7. Future-oriented
Provide suggestions that will enable students to do better on future assignment.

8. Justifiable
Be ready and able to justify the grade that you have give.

9. Educative
Correct mistakes in both content and style.
Provide suggestions for improvements.
Be sure criticism is constructive, not destructive.

10. Be transparent in purpose and criteria