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Frequently Asked Questions About Connect

Step 1: Log into Connect and click on the course title to enter the course to be made available.
Step 2: Open Customization in the Course Management area on the bottom left of the screen.
Step 3: After Customization has been selected, click on Properties.
Step 4: On the Properties screen locate Set Availability. Change the Make Course Available option to Yes.
Step 5: Click on Submit located at the top or bottom of the screen. Your students will now be able to see your course.

There are two possible problems.

First Problem – One or more of my table of content items can not be seen by my students.
Step 1: Look at the table of contents for your course, located on the left hand side of the screen.
Step 2: Do any of the items have a box with an diagonal line on the right hand side of it?  If so, that item is hidden from the students.
Step 3: Point at the hidden item with your cursor.  When you do this, a downward pointing arrow will appear.
Step 4: Click on the arrow and a popup menu will appear.
Step 5: Choose show link, from the popup menu and the box with the diagonal line will disappear.
Step 5: This item will now be available to your students.

Second Problem – When you click on one of your table of content titles, the items within it can not be seen by the students.
Step 1: Point at one of the items that your students can not see with your cursor.  A downward pointing arrow will appear.
Step 2: Click on the arrow and a popup menu will appear.
Step 3: Choose edit, from the popup menu.
Step 4: Look for Standard Options on the edit screen.
Step 5: Change Permit Users to View this Content to Yes.
Step 6: Also, make sure that the Select Date and Time Restrictions fields are empty.
Step 7: Click on Submit located at the top or bottom of this screen. This item will now be available to your students.

Step 1: Make sure that you have activated the Email tool in your course.
Step 2: To do this, look to see if Email is one of the items in your table of contents.
Step 3: If Email is in the table of contents skip to Step 8. If not, point your cursor at the + sign located in the top left hand corner of the table of contents.
Step 4: Choose Tool Link from the popup menu.
Step 5: For Name, type in Email, and then choose Email from the Type Drop Down Menu.
Step 6: Click the Make Available to Users box.
Step 7: Click Submit.
Step 8: If the Email option is available on your table of contents, but you get an error message when you try to use it, your personal email address has not been added to Content.
Step 9: To have your personal email address added to Connect, send an email request to ctl.helpdesk@ubc.ca. Please include your CWL id; Course name, number and section; and the email address you want added to Connect.
Step 10: Once eLearning has received your request, it usually takes less than one business day for the change to be made.

Step 1: Log into Connect and click on last year’s course title.
Step 2: Open Packages and Utilities in the Course Management area on the bottom left of the screen.
Step 3: After Packages and Utilities has been selected, click on Course Copy.
Step 4: The following changes need to be made to Select Copy Options.
a. Click on the Browse button for Destination Course ID. A popup window will appear.

b. Locate your new course from the list in this popup window and click it to choose it.  Scroll to the bottom of the popup window and click on Submit.
c. Now choose which course materials you want to copy over to the new course.  Note: You can choose content areas individually, but most people click on Select All to ensure that everything is copied.
d. Once you have done this, click on Submit located at the top or bottom of the page. This will start the course copy process.

Step 5: Please note:  Once the course copy process has started, it can take anywhere between 1 hour to 24 hours to complete.  This time frame is dependent on the time of year that this process is being run.

Setting up your grade book  can be a bit complicated, depending on how you are setting up your assignments, quizzes, tests, weighted scoring, etc.  We will be happy to sit down and help you with this setup.  Please contact us at ctl.helpdesk@ubc.ca to set up an appointment.


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