2016 – 2017

February 2017

“Teaching from a place of respect, equity, and compassion” – Peter Newbury, CTL Director / 13th Annual Learning Conference – “Engaging Every Learner”, Call for Proposals / “Engaging Every Learner – Director’s Message” – Peter Newbury, CTL Director / Two Opportunities for TAs / Learning Technology Renewal Project Update / ETUG Spring Jam – Call for Proposals / Coming Workshops and Events / Your CTL Team

January 2017

Blackboard Connect: Are Your Connect Courses Ready? / Welcome to the new CTL Event and Workshop Registration System!! / 2017 Learning Conference – “Engaging Every Learner” / 2017 Learning Conference – Call for Proposals / “What Will Happen to the Chocolate?” – Peter Newbury, CTL Director / TA Credentialing Workshop / Maeyellem Weimer on How to Keep Your Teaching Fresh – Free Podcast / BCcampus 5th Annual Open Textbook Summit / January Workshops / Your CTL Team

December 2016

Learning Technology Environment Renewal Project: Update and Results / Welcome to the new CTL Event and Workshop Registration System!! / Are You Marking Multiple Choice Bubble Sheet Exams? / Grade Centre Drop-in Sessions / “Learn Your Students Names. No, Really” – Peter Newbury, CTL Director / Learning at Intercultural Intersections Conference / Indigenizing the Curriculum – 2 Day Workshop / BC Campus Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellowships / December Events / Your CTL Team

November 2016

Assessing Student Learning Module 3: Providing Effective Feedback & Self/Peer Assessment / Learning Technology Environment Renewal / ” Make Your Reading Quiz a Carrot, Not a Stick” – Peter Newbury, CTL Director / Transform Your Classroom with Team-Based Learning / Team-Based Learning Collaborative / “Problem-Solving Strategies, Challenges, and Outcomes (book chapter) / Final Call for TA Credentialing / Training for TAs: Marking Multiple Choice Bubble Sheet Exams / November Workshops / Your CTL Team

October 2016

D.A.T.E. (Discussions About Teaching Excellence) SoTL Panel / Online Teaching Community / Are You Marking Multiple Choice Bubble Sheet Exams? / “You don’t have to wait for the clock to strike to start teaching” – Peter Newbury, CTL Director / The Future is Open: Educating for the Commons through Open Educational Resources / ETUG Fall Conference / October Workshops / Your CTL Team