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Blackboard Connect offers you a number of new features that you can use to expand your classroom, engage your students and enhance learning.

Known Issues, Gotchas and Workarounds List is Now Available

We’ve just released the initial version of UBC’s Known Issues, Gotchas and Workarounds for Blackboard Connect. This dynamic list is a work in progress and will be updated frequently, so take a look and see if there is a resolution to an issue you’ve encountered. If you have suggestions for additional entries, please contact an E-Learning Instructional Support Specialist.

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Student support is available in the Learning Commons located in the Library.  Students can also call 250-807-9611 (please specify that you are using Blackboard Connect at UBC's Okanagan campus).


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For more information, please contact an E-Learning Instructional Support Specialist:

Janine Hirtz
Office: SCI 200E
Phone: 250.807.9133

Vania Chan
Office: SCI 200D
Phone: 250.807.9408

Bruce Young
Office: SCI 200
Phone: 250.807.9027