Midpoint Feedback Suggestions

Instructors are encouraged to gather feedback from their students mid-way through the course or even earlier in order to assess how the students are feeling about their learning opportunities, the course materials, the instructional decisions, etc. This allows the instructor to make changes or adaptations to the routines or strategies used to increase student success. Midpoint feedback also demonstrates to your students that you care about their learning and want them to succeed.

Depending on how many times your class meets in a week and how many learning strategies have been employed, an instructor may choose to survey the class after only a couple of weeks. Sample questions include:

1. List 2 things that you like about the class.
2. List 2 things you would change about the class.
3. Is the level of class discussion too high, too low, just right?
4. Are there ways that you—and the other students—could make the course more effective?
5. What could the instructor do to enhance your learning experience?
6. Thus far, how would you rate the course?

It is important that the feedback be provided anonymously either by hand or online. You can add as many questions as you have time for, or that are pertinent to your course, for example, asking questions about the use of a textbook, lab time, etc. It is imperative that you share the results with your students as soon as possible and indicate what changes may be implemented and give a rationale if things are not going to be adjusted.

The Centre can set up a midpoint feedback through your WebCT Vista Course Shell so that the survey is open to your students for a set amount of time and the results are sent to you anonymously. The Centre has 3 templates to choose from – a short evaluation survey (4 questions), a long evaluation survey ( 12 questions) and a buffet of survey questions that you can choose from.