The CTL team believes that:

  • Teaching facilitates connections with appropriate content and resources to invite and nurture learning
  • Effective teaching encourage the development of critical and independent thought to create scholars and citizens
  • Teaching and learning should be collaborative and interactive
  • Learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Teaching should be intentionally designed, evidence-based and peer evaluated
  • Teaching should be equally valued with research

The CTL team:

  • Encourages and assists in creating an environment where beneficial and purposeful learning can occur
  • Facilitates open exchange of knowledge, ideas, practices and resources
  • Provides opportunities and resources for critical reflection and scholarly dialogue on effective teaching, course design and student assessment.
  • Works with our partners to ensure that instructional technology is used thoughtfully to enhance student learning.
  • Supports the creation of inclusive teaching strategies that respond to a diverse and changing student population.
  • Ensures that teaching and learning take place in a culture of research and scholarship
  • Promotes and supports the recognition and rewarding of teaching excellence
  • Fosters a university culture of quality teaching and engaged learning
  • Supports and participates in strategic University initiatives whose goal is the enhancement of teaching and learning.
  • Maintains rapport with other teaching and learning centres