Starting a Portfolio

The primary document should be from five to eight pages in length, which includes the philosophy of teaching statement, summary of teaching activities, and evidence of teaching effectiveness. If you are using the teaching portfolio for the purpose of promotion and tenure, the brevity of the primary document allows for its passage through the system from Department, to Dean, to Senior Appointments Committee, where relevant. It is in your interest to insert subheadings from your teaching portfolio into MyCV so that evidence of your teaching activities and accomplishments go forward to the Dean and to the Senior Appointments Committee.

You will want to feature:

  • How you effectively facilitate student learning and work to achieve the desired student outcomes (Good teaching)
  • How you practice scholarly teaching, that is “good teaching that is reflective and evidence-based; maintaining “pedagogical content knowledge”
  • Your involvement in the systematic study of teaching and learning processes, and the sharing and review of such work (the scholarship of teaching and learning)