Remark (Optical Mark Reader)scanner

What is it?

OMR is the process to detect the presence of intended marked responses.  Use UBC Okanagan’s OMR and Remark Office software to Scan and run reports for your Multiple Choice Exams or research projects.

The scanner can be used to score multiple choice exams or to collect and analyze research survey data.   Using Remark software with the OMR provides reports of the scanned data results or research surveys which can be used for reporting or exported to SPSS for further data analysis.  Training is provided by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


The Optical Mark Reader (OMR) station has moved from CTL to the Library, allowing for better access during the daytime, evenings, and weekends.  This will be a self-serve workstation for instructors and TAs to use independently; an instruction manual will be available.  Time can be reserved in advance by clicking here and logging in using your Novell ID.  The workstation is located on the second floor of the Library in the northeast corner, near study room LIB 225 and the Bloomberg terminal.


The OMR can also be used to scan research surveys.  Survey templates are created using Remark Office software.  Once the surveys are scanned, Remark software creates survey reports or the data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or SPSS software for further data analysis and reporting.

Get Started

Have students fill in the Student I.D., First Name, and Last Name information both using the appropriate radio buttons and by writing in the correct letters and numbers on the lines provided next to the radio buttons.  Students should use HB2 pencils and fully color in the bubbles; or pens may be used.  You will also need to create a “key” with the correct answers for scanning and marking the multiple choice exams.


  • Please note:Students should use HB2 pencils and fully color in the bubbles; or pens may be used.

Please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning if you would like more information.