“Teaching Portfolios Defined”

A teaching dossier or portfolio is a factual description of an instructor’s teaching achievements and contains documentation that collectively suggests the scope and quality of his or her teaching. Faculty can be asked to address issues identified as “best practices” in UBC Okanagan’s Academic Plan and/or the Place and Promise strategy for UBC. Dossiers can be used to present evidence about teaching quality for evaluative purposes such as Tenure & Promotion submissions, teaching award nominations, etc., as they can provide a useful context for analyzing other forms of teaching evaluation. Alternatively, dossiers can provide the framework for a systematic program of reflective analysis and peer collaboration leading to improvement of teaching and student learning. This guide has been developed to help you systematically gather selected information and materials in support of teaching activities as you experience them. Self-analysis and reflection are the keys here, and the outcomes of that analysis are twofold: you make a strong case to others about your teaching competency, and you help yourself to understand and improve your approaches to teaching and learning.

Some form of the Teaching Dossier (or Teaching Portfolio, as it is called in the US and UK) is either required or strongly encouraged in a large number of universities for both reflection and assessment, and the numbers are growing. There is some evidence to support the claim that individuals using the Dossier demonstrate improvement in levels of teaching and learning (Seldin and Associates, 1993).