Mahi Gangal

Learning Technologies Rover (Co-op)

My key areas of expertise: Learning Technology Support, Website Development, Agile Methodologies, Database Management, Customer Service, Data Analysis and Visualization

My role within the team: I serve as a member of the help-desk team, addressing technical inquiries from instructors online and in-person regarding UBC’s learning technology.

My background: I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Data Science. I am passionate about technology, organization, and helping others. I am presently working on broadening my skill set and learning new technologies.

My experience spans from data analysis and algorithm optimization to teaching programming and data science courses as a Teaching Assistant at UBC. I also gave gained experience in website and mobile app development, honed through projects such as the development of an online organic grocery store and a safe route sharing app, showcasing adaptability and continuous skill enhancement in IT environments. My technical competencies include coding in Python and Java, database management with SQL and MySQL, and data visualization using Python libraries.

When I’m not working… you’ll often find me in my room binge watching Netflix, especially fictional movies and shows. Whenever I get time, I also enjoy playing basketball a lot.