Things to Consider

Prior to using an assessment strategy

  1. What instrument will best perform the assessment?
  2. What are the criteria for competence or completion?
  3. What performance scale will be used to evaluate the participant?
  4. Why am I using this particular type of assessment?
  5. Why am I assessing the students at this time? (Productive use of time?)
  6. What do I expect to learn about the students as a result of this assessment procedure?
  7. What do I want the students to learn from this assessment activity?
  8. Does this assessment consider the objectives?
  9. Have I adequately prepared my students for this type of assessment procedure?
  10. Have I planned for time to do follow-up activities after the assessment?

After using the assessment strategy

  1. Did the students understand what was asked of them on the assessment?
  2. Do the results indicate that the students were prepared for this type of assessment activity?