Provost Award for Teaching Assistants & Tutors

The UBC Okanagan Provost Award for Teaching Assistants and Tutors recognizes the exemplary contributions of students in their teaching support roles. This award is administered through the Centre for Teaching and Learning on behalf of the Office of the Provost.  The recipients of the award are selected based on the criteria listed below.  In early May, up to six award winners receive a $500 prize, a certificate recognizing their accomplishment, and are listed on the Centre for Teaching and Learning website.

This award is open to undergraduate or graduate teaching assistants, Supplemental Learning leaders, and Writing and Research Centre undergraduate consultants at UBC Okanagan who act or have acted in this position during the current and/or the preceding academic year.

The award is given to individuals who have demonstrated knowledge, skills, and other contributions that result in a high level of respect from students, academic and course supervisors, and other TAs/tutors. The Selection Committee considers the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge of the field and course material and the ability to help students actively learn new knowledge, skills, and perspectives:
  • explains facts and concepts clearly and logically
  • models excellent lab/demonstration skills, if applicable
  • encourages student participation
  • provides timely, constructive feedback
  1. Creates supportive learning environment:
  • is enthusiastic and demonstrates interest in the subject, cultivates student curiosity, and engages and motivates students
  • respects students’ diverse backgrounds and strengths
  • is accessible and responsive, providing support and guidance
  1. Shows evidence of working in a professional manner with students, faculty supervisors, and teaching assistant and tutor colleagues:
  • works in a collegial manner with students, faculty, staff, and other TAs/tutors
  • demonstrates high standards, ethics, academic integrity
  • exhibits excellent organization skills
  • works to improve the learning environment
  • demonstrates leadership to other TAs and tutors

The Selection Committee, chaired by the Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, includes members drawn from faculty, staff, and students.  The committee will only consider nominations deemed eligible and complete. The committee will not carry forward unsuccessful nominations to the next competition.

Nominations must come from supervisors (course instructors, senior laboratory instructors, Academic Resource Centre staff, Writing and Research Centre staff) of the TA/tutor. Students who would like to see their teaching assistant or tutor nominated for the award are encouraged to speak with their course instructors or leaders in the Academic Resource Centre or Writing and Research Centre.  TAs and tutors cannot nominate themselves for the award.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is responsible for issuing a call for nominations to the Deans of each faculty/school, AVP Students, and Chief Librarian. Those leaders are responsible for directing unit/department heads to collect nominations from their respective areas.

Once all nominations are collected by the unit/department head, they are submitted to the Dean of their Faculty or School, AVP Students, or Chief Librarian. The AVP Students, Chief Librarian, and Deans will review the nominations they receive and may submit up to four outstanding nominations from their faculty/academic area (up to six nominations from the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences) to the Centre for Teaching and Learning for the Selection Committee to review.

Completed and reviewed nomination packages must be submitted to the Centre for Teaching and Learning in SCI 200 by the deadline (spring 2020 - final date to be announced)

Required documents:

  • Nomination form. Note the nomination form requires signatures from both the supervisor making the nomination and the nominee.
  • A letter of nomination, typically written by the supervisor making the nomination, that refers to the selection criteria and indicates why the nominee should receive the award.
  • A teaching statement written by the nominee, not to exceed 2 pages, describing their approach to teaching and learning, highlighting actual teaching activities, and reflecting on why they feel they’ve earned the nomination.
  • A summary of recent teaching responsibilities, not to exceed 1 page and compiled by the nominee, including the types of teaching undertaken, number of students, hours per week in contact with students.

Supporting evidence:

Supporting evidence strengthens the nomination package. The nominating unit/department, nominating faculty member, and the nominee are encouraged to gather as many of the following as possible. Please note that this award recognizes work done by teaching assistants or tutors, so evidence of work performed as the instructor-of-record (adjunct professor, sessional instructor, etc.) for a course should not be included.

  • letters/emails of support from students in the sessions led by the teaching assistant/tutor describing of why the teaching assistant/tutor deserves the award
  • letter of support from the nominee’s course instructor or supervisor, if different from the person making the nomination
  • testimonial letters from sources other than the faculty member making the nomination
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning TA Credentialing Certificate, if completed
  • teaching certificates earned by the nominee at other institutions
  • evidence of professional development in teaching including participation in seminars and workshops about teaching and learning offered by CTL, units/departments, professional societies, at conferences, in person and online, etc.
  • a summary of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SEoT) reports from the current and previous courses. Note that SEoT reports for Winter Session Term 2 will not yet be available when nominations are due so nominees and nominators are encouraged to reference and include SEoT reports from previous terms and courses.

Click Here For Nomination Form and Criteria (pdf file – 2019 version for reference)