CLAS is a video platform for recording, sharing and annotating video by instructors and students. CLAS, is a Collaborative Learning Annotation System that displays video with a timeline below it on which comments can be posted pertaining to specific moments in the video. Rather than have students passively watch a video and discuss it elsewhere, CLAS enables discussion right at the specific moment in the video. You can have a CLAS site for whoever you want to invite to it. If you have a CLAS site set up for a credit course, you can embed CLAS video in your Connect or Canvas course, and students can access the CLAS site directly from the embedded video.

CLAS was developed in UBC Vancouver and is used by several faculties there, but now UBC Okanagan is adopting it and has its own login web page. Consult with CTL on whether CLAS is most suitable for your needs, to obtain an account and tutorial.

CLAS login for UBC Okanagan

CLAS documentation

CLAS Course Request Form

For support, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning.