The spaces where teaching and learning occur play a critical role in our students’ success. At the 2018 UBC Okanagan Learning Conference, we invite you to fill in the blank and share your experiences, practices, and research about the ________ space you create for learning.


Organizing Committee
Programming Committee
Heather Bradshaw Greg duManoir
Vania Chan Jannik Eikenaar
Tricia Lalli Tanya Forneris
Bill Latta Lisa Frost
Peter Newbury (Co-chair) Ernest Goh
John Parry (Co-chair) Sajni Lacey
Kevin Parsons Peter Newbury (Co-chair)
John Parry (Co-chair)
Julien Picault
Laura Prada
Cathi Shaw
Claire Yan

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The Centre for Teaching and Learning
Phone: 250 807 9293