Using Self-Reflection Activities to Aid Students’ Transition into University Learning Environments: A Case Study with UBC’s Science One Program

Nolan Bett | UBC Vancouver
Chris Addison | UBC Vancouver
James Charbonneau | UBC Vancouver

Presentation | Tuesday, May 7 at 10:45 am – 12:00 pm | LIB 317

Each student in a class experiences different challenges, whether with comprehension of course material or with issues extending beyond the classroom. By assigning regular self-reflection activities and monitoring the students’ responses, instructors can quickly and easily identify aspects of their course or learning environment that students are struggling with. In UBC’s Science One program, we have created a weekly reflection activity that provides students an opportunity to reflect on their learning at UBC. The implementation of these activities and the responses they have generated will be discussed, as will their applicability to a broad range of courses.

Additional authors: Deb Chen, Bruce Moghtader, Nathan Roberson, Andrea Terpstra | UBC Vancouver