Examining Assessment Equity: Connecting MCQ Assessment to Experiential Learning Outcomes

Sandy Bonny | University of Saskatchewan
Joyce McBeth | University of Saskatchewan

Workshop | Monday, May 6 at 10:45 am – 12:00 pm | LIB 306

Learning through experience – rather than through textual authority – positions personal interpretations, tangential connections, and culturally-nested ways of knowing as integral to post-secondary knowledge exchange. Authentic reflection, integration with prior mental schema, and application of new knowledge to real-time problem solving scenarios are key outcomes of experiential learning activities alongside mastery of key concepts, new terminology, and other cumulative content requirements. In contrast, the logistics of large courses often make single answer multiple-choice exams the most feasible format for assessment, with the result that mastery of content maintains prominence in terms of measuring student success. This workshop will draw on literature, a shared mock exam experience, and the author’s pedagogic reflections to discuss strategies that may help to minimize dissonance between experiential learning and traditional post-secondary assessment for undergraduate courses, and foster explicit appreciation for skills and competencies gained through experiential learning within our modes of examination and assessment.