Reflections on the development of a graduate course in effective teaching and learning: Sharing an experience of parallel process and future planning

Tanya Forneris | UBC Okanagan
Greg duManoir | UBC Okanagan
Christina Bruce | UBC Okanagan
Alexandre Santos | UBC Okanagan
Alexandra Yacyshyn | UBC Okanagan

Workshop | Tuesday, May 7 at 10:45 am – 12:00 pm | LIB 306

An existing gap in most graduate curriculums across the country is the lack of preparation for teaching. With growing competition and responsibilities in post-secondary positions, it is important to provide graduate students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skillset for effective teaching. This workshop will provide an overview of the content and experiential components of a newly designed graduate level course in teaching and learning. Reflections on parallel process and lessons learned will be shared. Finally, how these lessons can be applied to the ever evolving process of becoming an effective teacher will be presented.