Unpacking Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Task Force
Manuela Reekie | UBC Okanagan
Kristi Carter | UBC Okanagan
Laura Prada | UBC Okanagan
Vania Chan | UBC Okanagan

Workshop | Monday, May 6 at 10:45 am – 12:00 pm | LIB 305

Experiential learning (EL) opportunities can take many shapes and forms and incorporating this form of learning into the classroom can be a challenge. This session brings EL to your classroom context by unpacking its main components and identifying best practices. As a group, we’ll tackle common challenges such as offering EL in large classrooms, using EL to optimize class time , creating meaningful reflection opportunities for students without increasing the need for resources, among others. If you choose to join this session, be ready to share one EL opportunity you have offered or have experienced as a learner!