Paradigm Shift in Higher Education

Ray Taheri | UBC Okanagan

Presentation | Tuesday, May 7 at 9:00 am – 10:15 am | LIB 317

Globally, the education system in general and higher education system, in particular, have gone through significant changes during the last two decades. Although these changes open tremendous opportunities for innovation in teaching and learning, they also introduce new challenges facing educators. It is an undeniable fact that university students have evolved throughout the last two decades. Such an evolution not only deeply stemmed into the primary and secondary education system but also, driven by changes in personal communication, social interaction and technological competency among students.

This talk revolves around the fundamental question of “Why students decide to enter universities and to pursue furthering their education”. Answering this simple question is the very first step into a much more in-depth journey in which students and educators collectively embrace a major paradigm shift in the higher education system. The main purpose of this talk is to address the ongoing global paradigm shift in higher education. Moreover, this talk focuses on practical and feasible methodologies to accommodate these changes in a systematic manner. Solutions such as Project Based Learning (PBL), Flipping Classroom, Gamification, Student-Centered Teaching, (SCT), and Makerspace.

Finally yet importantly, a glimpse of where this paradigm shift will take us in future will be discussed in this talk.