Experiential Learning Tasks (ELTs); An effective means for knowledge and skill building in lecture based courses

Sally Willis-Stewart | UBC Okanagan

Workshop | Tuesday, May 7 at 9:00 am – 10:15 am | LIB 305

HEAL 100 Principles of Health and Wellbeing is a new elective course open to all program students focusing on building student resiliency, health knowledge and skills, and academic success. The opportunity to experience, apply and build skills is critical yet often challenging in lecture-based and on-line courses. Weekly experiential learning tasks (ELTs), including meaningful reflection, is one instructional/assessment method used to foster learning. This workshop will present course design, ELTs and other methods used to address student wellbeing in the classroom, student resiliency and reflective theme data, and then engage participants in designing ELTS for their particular teaching areas.