Learning labour support

Melanie Willson | UBC Okanagan
Kelly Alm | UBC Okanagan

Workshop | Tuesday, May 7 at 9:00 am – 10:15 am | LIB 306

This workshop shares an experiential learning activity for Bachelor of Science in Nursing students during their maternity practice. The labour support workshop allows students to explore different support techniques. Using techniques adapted from prenatal education, this invites learners to reflect on their responses to uncomfortable sensations simulated by holding ice and to try providing and receiving hands-on labour support methods in a safe context. This workshop will describe the development of the activity and strategies to promote student reflection through this experience. We will describe student learning with hands on, “high touch, low tech” support in the context of cultural norms limiting touch. We will also explore ways that the activity links student reflection and learning to concepts of pain, suffering, coping, and support. Presentation attendees will be invited to try a version of this activity.