Critiquing Assessments

  • Are your assessments aligned with the learning outcomes? Do they aid students in understanding the core concepts and relationships on your map? Learning outcomes and assessment should drive the selection of instructional strategies, so you may have to revisit the chosen strategies
  • Are there any learning outcomes for which you have not connected an assessment method or practice? Is this an oversight or a reflection of the relevance of the learning outcome? Is it covered elsewhere? Does it need to be eliminated? Do your learning outcomes need to be revised?
  • Do the assessments and practices fit your instructional context and the resources available to you? Check that the instructional strategies and assessment methods that you have planned actually enable students to practice and get feedback on the tasks they will be graded on.
  • Does the distribution of time and effort (yours and the students) reflect the importance of the learning outcomes and weightings you have assigned?
  • Is there a balance in and variety of assessments and practices across the learning outcomes?