Doing SoTL:

The following phases are adapted from the University of Wisconsin SoTL Leadership Site:

  • Identify a significant teaching and learning question to explore
  • Build on work of others by consulting existing pedagogical literature
  • Select appropriate methods to collect evidence to answer your question
  • Submit project for ethics review and approval
  • Collect and analyze the evidence
  • Communicate results with peers and invite critical commentary and evaluation
  • Make project findings publicly available for others to use & build on

The UBC Okanagan Academic Plan states that “we will research the core activity of our community – student learning – and value the scholarship of teaching”.

“Both scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching are vital to the life of the academy. The purpose of scholarly teaching is to affect the activity of teaching and the resulting learning, while the scholarship of teaching results in a formal, peer-reviewed communication in appropriate media or venues, which then becomes part of the knowledge base of teaching and learning in higher education.” (Laurie Richlin and Milton D. Cox, 2004. p. 127-128)