Sun Midterm Corrections (2017 Archive)

Advancing Student Learning and Engagement through Midterm Corrections

Poster Session


Bingrui (Cindy) Sun – University of Calgary
MohanaGowri Arumugam – University of Calgary
Rachael Edino – University of Calgary


Assessment corrections have been used in post-secondary education and have been found effective to improve student learning, by encouraging students to reflect on their mistakes. Research further points out that assessment corrections help student become self-regulated learners. In the 2016 fall semester at the University of Calgary, a scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) project was conducted in a large introductory level statistics course. The goal of this project was to implement midterm corrections as well as to examine the impact of midterm corrections on student learning. This poster presentation will disseminate the research findings of this SoTL project.