Husain Beyond the Classroom (2018 Archive)


Beyond the classroom with Beyoncé: Facilitating interactive teaching and learning in UBC-O classrooms

20 Minute Presentation


Matt Husain – UBC Okanagan


This article explores how UBC-O classroom discussions can be more interactive, enjoyable, and effective. Based on piloting several qualitative methods in classrooms including using simple language instead of jargons, playing soft music before a class, encouraging students to hydrate, offering book prizes and chair yoga during mid-term periods, I received an increased percentage of student engagement and participation in classrooms. Additionally, I made a conscious effort, through a quantitative semi-structured survey to learn about the students – their background, hobbies, and preferences – and included these findings to contextualize and deliver course content. The outcomes went a long way in terms of generating more interactive and productive classroom experience, and in promoting health benefits for students.