Lolliot Linguistic Complexity (2018 Archive)


Exploring linguistic complexity in multiple choice questions: Evening the playing field for ELL students

20 Minute Presentation


Simon Lolliot – UBC Vancouver
Mark Lam – UBC Vancouver
Katherine Lyon – UBC Vancouver

Other co-authors on this research presentation:

Jennifer Lightfoot – UBC Vancouver
Daniel Riccardi  – UBC Vancouver
Nathan Roberson  – UBC Vancouver
Bahja Alammari  – UBC Vancouver
Hugh Knapp  – UBC Vancouver
Aizhan Myrzabek Kyzy  – UBC Vancouver


Does academic wording of test questions affect test performance? This research examines the impact of complexity (e.g., the use of dense noun phrases) on university multiple choice questions (MCQs) test performance for English language learner (ELL) students, and analyzes whether scaffolding MCQs can improve comprehension and test performance for ELLs.