Taheri Makerspace UBCO (2018 Archive)

@Makerspace UBCO: A design thinking hub

75 Minute Open House


Ray Taheri-Ardebili – UBC Okangan
Miles Thorogood – UBC Okanagan
Susan Crichton – UBC Okanagan


A “makerspace” is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing.  UBC Okanagan makerspace was built through a collaborative effort by a number of faculty members from several units in mid March 2018.  One of the unique characteristic of this facility is its multi-disciplinary attribute. The vision for the UBC Okanagan makerspace is to foster “Human centered Designing Thinking” by providing access to many tools and technologies including hand tools, 3D printers, CNC hotwire cutter, multi-axial CNC rotors, laser cutter, 3D scanner, electronics tools, computerized, sewing, embroidery and fabric cutting, modelling/simulation tools, etc., to students cross campus.  This environment encourage students to collaborate, to innovate, and to invent.