Getting Started

iPeer is seamlessly integrated directly into your Blackboard Connect and works with the Group tools in your course making it easier than ever to use with your students.

Start by creating Groups in Connect using the Groups tool or GroupBuilder tool. You can find documentation for working with Connect group tools here:

To begin using the iPeer building block in Connect, it is necessary to first enable the building block in your course environment

  1. Logged in as a course instructor, look to the Control Panel in the lower left sidebar. Click on “Customization”, and then “Tool Availability” from the drop-down list.The “Customization” link is shown above boxed in red in the Control Panel.ipeer1
  2. On the “Tool Availability” page, you will see a long list detailing the availability of LMS Course tools in your Connect course environment. Find the iPeer tool. Check the box in the “Available” column to make this course tool available in your Connect course environment.Create your course in iPeer
  3. From within your Connect course environment, click on iPeer in the Course Tools menu of the Control Panel.The iPeer and Course Tools links are boxed in red above.ipeer2
  4. Now your are on the Creating iPeer Course Connection form. After you have created your iPeer course, this link will take you directly to your Managing iPeer Course Connection page. In regards to this page, you should understand that:
    1. The Course Name & Course Title are generated from Connect.
    2. The checkbox next to Push Class is checked by default. To “Push Class” is to automatically sync your course roster in iPeer to match your course roster in Connect upon creation of the course connection.
    3. For administrative and technical support reasons, it is important to mark the checkbox of the faculty or department your course belongs to.ipeer3
  5. The iPeer Course Connection Form is shown above.
    1. When you are finished with the form, click the “Create Course” button at the bottom.
    2. Now that your iPeer course connection has been created, you will be brought to the Managing iPeer Course Connection page for your iPeer course in Connect.