Mediasite is a video platform that enables instructors to record presentations. Mediasite has features that allow recording and playback of two sources, for example your PowerPoint and yourself through your webcam or other connected Camera. Not only that, but Mediasite can process your recorded PowerPoint slides to enable viewers to click through the slides on playback, and even do a word search on the text in all the slides. Analytics enable you to track views and see which parts of the recording were viewed most often.

In the fall of 2018, a new version of Mediasite was launched at the University of British Columbia. This means that your Mediasite account web pages have a new look, and you will need to download and install the new Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Consult with CTL on whether Mediasite is the most suitable tool for your needs, and to obtain an account and tutorial.

Note that you are responsible for obtaining copyright permission on your recordings even if you are not prompted to fill a copyright waiver when uploading recordings to Mediasite.

For support, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

How to download and install
How to release a Mediasite video to students