The Centre for Teaching and Learning hosts an annual Learning Conference in May. Past conferences include:

2019: 15th Annual Learning Conference: Experience Learning

2018: 14th Annual Learning Conference: Creating Space for Learning

2017: 13th Annual Learning Conference: Engaging Every Learner

This Fall/Winter, the Centre for Teaching and Learning is undergoing an external review. The goal of the review is to “identify strategies for supporting the development of teaching and learning practices at UBC Okanagan and the CTL’s integration and support of academic leadership development on the Okanagan campus.”

The review will spark many conversations in the coming months, including discussions about the impact of the annual UBC Okanagan Learning Conference. Watch for opportunities to help us shape the future of teaching and learning on this campus. In the meantime, we’ve decided there will be no learning conference this May 2020.

We can point you towards some other upcoming conferences at: