CLAS Course Creation Options

  • The CLAS video or audio player has a graphic timeline on which students and instructors can pin comments. Each CLAS course is an exclusive collection of playlists of video or audio: individual playlists, shared playlists, and the course playlist. To request a CLAS course, enter:
  • If it is a non-credit course or workshop, attach a list of participant student numbers.
  • CLAS Course Creation Details

    The following choices in CLAS course creation affect what students can do. Some choices are one OR the other option. Most choices can be modified by the instructor in the customize, rename or remove course/collection option under the Manage Courses & Collections tab. Choose what you want your CLAS course to start with.
  • Choose One
  • Choose one.
  • Choose all that apply.
  • Choose all that apply.
  • Please provide any further information that you feel is relevant.
  • Groups

    Instructors can create groups within one CLAS course and add students to them. To learn more about this option, contact:

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