Curriculum Review / Development / Renewal at UBCO

The CTL supports a learning outcomes-based self-study program review.

The CTL can assist/facilitate/guide curriculum development initiatives for any faculty/department. This may include:

  • curriculum visioning – matching goals of the program with student outcomes
  • curriculum review – analysis of current curriculum in light of future vision (offerings and sequencing)
  • curriculum innovation – renewing curriculum along a current theme or trend
  • curriculum development – planning a solid curriculum based on foundational objectives with students, faculty and society in mind

Potential Goals of Curriculum Renewal:

  1. Evaluating learning outcomes
  2. Enhance curriculum offerings
  3. Measure program quality
  4. Prepare for accreditation

Curriculum renewal requires a substantial investment of time. The CTL will assist in whatever ways it can to make it an evidence-based process that will serve the students and faculty of UBCO into the future.