Services offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning:

Upon request, the Centre for Teaching and Learning can provide consultations and workshops for teaching, learning, and curriculum / professional development. We can help you with:


  • designing and implementing ways to evaluate teaching effectiveness
  • facilitating peer observation within a unit or program
  • making sense of Student Evaluation of Teaching data
  • exploring and implementing research on particular pedagogies relevant to a department or program
  • reflecting on and adopting discipline -specific teaching practices
  • designing and conducting workshops as needed


  • designing for and assessing student learning in individual courses, curricular sequences, or larger programs
  • facilitating research on student learning in a course, unit or program
  • rethinking the effectiveness of learning spaces
  • designing and conducting workshops as needed


  • assisting in the development or revising of curriculum
  • assisting in the (re)design of courses
  • assisting in the development of pedagogy courses for graduate programs
  • facilitating collaborative development and/or assessment of specific topics, skills, or lessons
  • creating and linking learning outcomes to course design, assignments, and teaching practices for individual instructors
  • designing and conducting workshops as needed

Professional Development

  • creating plans for teaching improvement, confidential one-on-one consultations, and feedback from students
  • orienting new faculty
  • mentoring junior faculty on their teaching
  • fostering the professional development of graduate students as future faculty
  • designing and conducting workshops as needed

Class Video Recording

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to view your teaching? The Centre for Teaching and Learning staff are available to record your class and provide you with a copy of the recording. The recording will be yours to view in private, with a colleague or with one of the CTL’s Learning Specialists. Watching the recording provides an invaluable insight into your teaching.  Many faculty are now choosing to include a copy of this recording within their teaching dossier as another piece of evidence of teaching excellence.

Please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning for more information.


The Centre for Teaching and Learning staff are your partners in teaching excellence and are available for:

  • Formative development of teaching – Centre staff can work with you on specific or general teaching skills through observation and reflection, recording and discussion and other means that you choose.
  • Review and reflection of student evaluations of your teaching.s
  • Discussion, research and implementation of innovative techniques for teaching and learning.

Our staff have many years of teaching experience, have worked with many faculty and observed hundreds of classes in different disciplines. They are practiced in helping you plan successful student learning experiences.

For more information, please contact:

Please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning for more information.