PeerWise is an external application where students create questions related to a course and then answer, rate, and comment on questions submitted by their peers. By generating, answering, and evaluating questions, students build a better understanding of subject matter.

Availability PeerWise is an external tool. First create an account; then log in directly.
Canvas Integration None.
Privacy PeerWise is NOT FIPPA compliant; data is stored outside of Canada.  See Important! below.
Similar Tools Peer review tools include Canvas Peer Review, CLAS, iPeer and peerScholar.


The PeerWise tool is stored on servers outside Canada. Do not enter information specific to your course or students such as student names or student numbers. Have students use aliases or nicknames (for example Student1, Student2). Obtain student consent before using PeerWise, and have an alternative activity for those students who do not consent.

About PeerWise

Students create their own course related multiple choice assessment questions, and also answer, rate and discuss questions created by their peers.

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