Online Assessments

Online assessments have been a challenge ever since there was the possibility of running them remotely. The online quiz you run in your blended classroom has you as the invigilator. Formative online assessments are good because they allow the student multiple attempts, see automated feedback, and learn by it for the next attempt. The stereotype of an online assessment is the auto-scored multiple choice quiz, which is vulnerable to memorization and copying. Online quiz tools have many more features you can use, as well as assessment design options that reduce quiz question vulnerabilities. Check the methods CTL has described for improving online assessments.

Eliciting Original Work

We encourage you to consider options for fostering academic integrity and for reducing the need for (and benefit of) copying others’ answers using strategies presented here.

Integrity Pledge

The purpose of an integrity pledge is to remind students about academic integrity. It starts from a position of trust. It is not a warning about the consequences of cheating.

Canvas Assignments & Quizzes

Canvas can be used to collect online assignments and assessments, including midterm and final exams. Weekly quizzes and final exams are facilitated with the Quiz tool.

Scheduling Exams in Canvas

If you are running a timed final exam, it should begin at the date and time outlined in the Final Exam Schedule. We recommend extending the Available Until time by 30 minutes.

Students with Accommodations

The Disability Resource Centre, Centre for Accessibility (Vancouver campus), and the Centre for Teaching and Learning are working together to share expertise and provide information and support to faculty about accommodating students in their online exams.

Monitoring & Invigilating Exams in Progress

Online exams do not allow for the same level of supervision that you are accustomed to with in-person exams. While you can’t be in the same room as your students during online exams, there are steps you can take to monitor and provide support to students.