Scheduling Exams in Canvas

If you are running a timed final exam, it should begin at the date and time outlined in the Final Exam Schedule.

We recommend you add at least 30 minutes to the length of your Canvas Quiz (Time Limit), to allow for slower internet and to allow students to upload their answers if they have to upload a document as part of the exam. For example, if your exam is scheduled for 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, set the Time Limit to 210 minutes (instead of 180 minutes). Consider making the quiz available for an additional 30 minutes (Available from 1:00 pm Until 5:00 pm) in case there are other issues.

Instructors may have students who take the quiz at a different date, time, and a longer quiz time limit than the main cohort of students. You will need to add these exceptions to the quiz settings.

Create your online quiz as you normally would, as follows:

  1. As instructor in your course, in the course menu, click Quizzes.
  2. In the Quizzes page, at top right, click +Quiz.
  3. In the quiz engine popup that appears, select Classic Quiz, and then click Submit.
  4. In the form page that opens, enter a name for the quiz and quiz instructions.
  5. Scroll down to Time Limit under Options, check the box next to Time Limit and enter the number of minutes for the main cohort of students.
  6. Scroll down to Assign to and in the respective fields under “Everyone", enter the date and time the quiz becomes accessible to students (Available from), and the date and time when the quiz can no longer be accessed (Available until).  (We do not recommend a due date for final exams). Note: you can change other quiz settings for your specific use of the quiz. You can also click the Questions tab at top to add questions.
  7. When finished, scroll down and click Save.

When you find out the dates and times for the student exceptions, add their dates and times as follows:

  1. In Quizzes of the course menu, click the 3 dots at the far right of the quiz name.
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click Edit.
  3. In the Quiz settings page, scroll to the bottom below Assign to Everyone, and click +Add.
  4. In the new Assign to box that appears, type the names of the students who will take the quiz at a new date and time.
  5. Below the names of the newly entered student names, enter the Available from and Until dates, (we do not recommend using a Due date for a final exam) ensuring you are taking into account any extended time allocations. Note that the duration between the Available from date and the Until date MUST allow for each student’s full time allocation, including their time extension. Note: in the first Assign to box, “Everyone” will change to “Everyone Else” after you save.
  6. If you have more students who will take the quiz at another date or time, repeat steps 10 to 12.
  7. When finished adding settings and questions, scroll down and click Save and Publish.

Once the quiz is published, extend the time limit for individual students as follows:

  1. Before following these steps, ensure you have extended the Available Until date for the individual student who is to be allocated an extended time limit. See Add Alternate Dates and/or Times for Individual Students above.
  2. In Quizzes of the course menu, click the quiz name.
  3. In the quiz summary that appears, at far right or very bottom of the web page, click Moderate This Quiz.
  4. In the Moderate Quiz page that opens, click the pencil icon () to the right of the name of a student you want to assign more time to for the duration of the quiz attempt.
  5. In the Student Extensions popup that appears, enter the time in minutes that you want to add to the quiz time limit that was entered in the Quiz details page.
  6. Click Save. The popup closes and you are back in the Moderate Quiz
  7. Repeat this for all other students affected.
  8. When finished, click Quizzes in your course menu.

Note: Open Moderate Quiz during the quiz to track submissions and add more time as needed.

More information: Canvas Quiz Settings for Multiple Dates and Times

If you have Students with Time Accommodations,
Check your Quiz Settings!

If you have students who require extra time, and your “Assign to” box looks like this, then you have not provided sufficient time for the students who are allocated extra time.

You need an extra “Assign to” box for the students who are allocated extra time, with a large enough “time window” to allow for their individual time extensions. BUT, this isn’t the last step! You also need to add extra time in the “Moderate Quiz” page. 

You also need to go to the “Moderate Quiz” page and add extra time for each student with extra time accommodations. Here, a student is allocated the original 180 minutes (through Quiz Details) + 90 minutes extra (through Moderate Quiz).