Transformative Teaching

Call for Faculty Volunteers : Guidelines for Transformative Teaching

With the Strategic Plan comes a recommitment  to transformative learning – learning that’s interdisciplinary, critical, and practical, with inspired graduates prepared to contribute to their local and global community. The Office of the Provost, in consultation with the Senate Learning & Research Committee, is embarked on a project to answer to the underlying question: What does transformative teaching – the kind of teaching that creates transformative learning – look like at UBC Okanagan?

We seek your help to create guidelines and descriptions of transformative teaching. These guidelines could inform countless teaching and learning discussions, practices, and decisions, including peer observations, the student evaluations of teaching, and providing course instructors with a trajectory for developing from effective to excellent teachers.

If you’re interested in contributing to this discussion and can commit two half-days, one in early May and one in late in May, please contact Peter Newbury, Senior Advisor for Learning Initiatives at From faculty who express interest and faculty recommended to us by their Dean, together with students and winners of the Provost Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, we will assemble a working group that is inclusive and representative.