A central goal of effective teaching is to align several aspects of the teaching system. The CTL helps educators to incorporate the dimensions of effective teaching through integrated course design.

“The key is that the components in the teaching system, especially the teaching methods used and the assessment tasks, are aligned to the learning activities assumed in the intended outcomes.”

(John Biggs, 2003, p. 1)

Teaching and Public Health Guidance Fall 2021

Resources for UBC Okanagan faculty to help guide a safe return to the classroom this Fall.

Course Design

Instructors usually plan before the course begins and adjust plans during the course. Part of planning includes determining learning outcomes, drafting the course syllabus and analyzing the approach to take, such as experiential learning.

Setting Up Canvas

Canvas is an online course delivery and learning management system you can use to distribute content, arrange online activities, and track student performance. Our UBC Okanagan Canvas template can help create consistency among online courses.

Remote Teaching

Learn more about using video to teach online, online assessments, and using Canvas to grade online. Campus Resources include remote access to computer labs and on campus blended teaching classrooms.

Teaching Fall 2021

Resources to provide you with options when faced with a mix of in-person and remote students.

Communicating with Students

Improve engagement and learning while easing anxiety by effectively communicating with your students.

Designing & Grading Assessments

The CTL can help you design formative and summative assessments in general and online assessments in particular, and grade them.


Learn how to use feedback from students and peers to make quality improvements to your teaching practice.

CTL Helpdesk

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