We provide resources and support with applying effective practices in all dimensions of teaching.

Effective teaching begins with course design and is established through the alignment of engaging activities and purposeful assessment with intended learning outcomes. Truly effective teaching becomes evident through connections made with and among learners about the subject in the context of the real world, and is reinforced through reflective practice.


“For me, teaching is about weaving a web of connectedness between myself, my students, the subject I’m teaching, and the larger world.” —Parker J. Palmer (author, “The Courage to Teach”)

Program Design

New programs or redesign of the curriculum for an existing program requires a substantial investment of time. We are available to assist and support your department and individual faculty members throughout the process.

Course Design

Course design involves planning for successful achievement of learning outcomes and selection of instructional and assessment strategies in consideration of situational factors.

Teaching Modalities

While principles of course design apply to all teaching modalities, there are instructional strategies and tools uniquely developed to support each of these.

Inclusive Practices

We offer consultation and programming to support instructors in integrating equitable and inclusive practices in course design and facilitation.

Reflection and Feedback

Reflective teaching practice involves a continuous cycle of self-assessment, evaluation, and improvement in your teaching methods and approaches.