Learning Technology

Technology is a powerful tool in the design and delivery of education. We work closely with faculty to leverage new and existing technologies towards learner-centered, technology-mediated learning experiences.

Virtual Office Hours

Our virtual office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm. Register via Zoom and access to technical help with using learning tools (Canvas, Kaltura etc.) or to explore ways of utilizing them to enhance your instructional design and learning outcomes.

Teaching with Canvas

Canvas is an online course delivery and Learning Management System (LMS) which can be blended with your in-person classroom activities or used to deliver your course fully online.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

Faculty and Teaching Assistants can book the OMR exam reader to scan and processes data from tests, assessments, surveys, and other “bubble sheet” forms.

Emerging Technologies

Explore how emerging technologies can ethically contribute to augmenting course design, assessment, academic integrity, and inclusivity.

Learning Spaces

UBC has remote access to public workstations and labs pre-configured with required computer software. Additionally, UBC is exploring the implementation of  computer-based testing facilities (CBTF).


We provide evidence-based practices in consultations with faculty to promote effective and innovative teaching strategies. Reach out to us for pedagogical, instructional design, and technical support.

CTL YouTube Channel

Explore our CTL YouTube Channel to access past video recordings offering tips and tricks with learning tools.

Select Tools for Your Course

The Tool Finder can help you learn about tools you can use to achieve common teaching goals at UBC. You can compare the options and choose the tools suited to your course.

The Learning Technology team is committed to following the B.C. government standards of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in the development and integration of digital tools.