Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice, also known as Faculty Learning Communities, provide spaces for exploring shared topics of interest and having critical discussion across disciplines.

Access, Inclusion and Place-based Teaching

In this Community of Practice, we seek to explore and share our teaching and learning strategies and practices with a focus on how we can better centre access and inclusion in active, experiential, and place-based pedagogies.

Leveraging Digital Assessment Techniques for Enhanced Learning

This faculty learning community seeks to examine literature-informed best practices in digital assessment techniques, thereby promoting teaching excellence and student success.

Teaching and Educational Leadership

This Community of Practice aims to facilitate the growth, success, and innovation in all our teaching and Educational Leadership initiatives, and to provide a collaborative, supportive, and social environment to do so.

Wellbeing in Teaching and Learning

Join us to fuel innovation for our health and our students, through creative health promoting teaching practices.

Work-Integrated Learning

Learn from others about the diversity of Work Integrated Learning programs in BC’s higher education sector, build connections and be part of a community of passionate Work Integrated Learning educators and practitioners.