Inclusive Practices

We offer consultation and programming to support instructors in integrating equitable and inclusive practices in course design and facilitation.

We value work that is done in partnership with departments, so we can address specific contexts and needs. Our priorities in this domain align with the University’s Strategic Equity and Anti-Racism (StEAR) Framework. Specifically, we are leading work to advance the following strategic actions:

  • 2.1E: Develop educational resources on gender diversity and inclusion in the classroom
  • 2.2B: Review and enhance, where needed, resources to incorporate EDI in academic programs and pedagogy
  • 2.2E: Develop resources on racio-linguistic diversity and discrimination counter-pedagogy

We are collaborating with campus partners to support additional strategic actions.

To learn more about equitable and inclusive teaching, please visit the Inclusive Teaching @ UBC website.

To engage with our campus community on conversations and learning around inclusive teaching, consider joining the Access, Inclusion and Place-based Teaching Community of Practice.

To focus specifically on decolonization and Indigenization in teaching and learning, visit our Indigenous Initiatives section or contact the Educational Consultant for Indigenous Initiatives, Jessica Bayer at

For all other inquiries about Inclusive Teaching, and specifically on Universal Design for Learning (UDL), accessibility, and culturally responsive pedagogies, please contact the Educational Consultant for Inclusion, and Equity Lead, Electra Eleftheriadou at