Thivina Randiv

Administrative Assistant and LTR

My key areas of expertise: Learning Technology Support, Full Stack Website Development, Agile Methodologies, Database Management, Customer Service, Event Planning

My role within the team: I handle the creation of the CTL newsletter while also serving as a member of the helpdesk team, addressing technical inquiries from instructors regarding UBC’s learning technology. Additionally, I provide support for organizing workshops and events, alongside offering assistance for the website and administration of the CTL.

My background: Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am passionate about the intersection of technology and education, with a keen interest in leveraging technological advancements to enhance learning experiences.

My background primarily lies in website and mobile app development, honed through my experience working with the National Bank of Dubai. During my time there, I gained valuable insights into user interface design, user experience optimization, and the intricacies of developing robust digital solutions. I’m eager to channel this expertise into the realm of education technology, where I believe innovative digital tools can revolutionize how we teach and learn.

When I’m not working… you’ll often find me out on the field playing rugby, football or any game that gets my heart pumping. I have a deep appreciation for the beach and relish in the warmth of hot summers, soaking up the sun or diving into the waves. When I’m at home, I enjoy watching true crime shows and horror movies.