Canvas Support

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CTL Support site.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports instructors with Canvas. Student support is available through the Peer Technology Assistants at the Student Learning Hub or through the UBC Student’s Guide to Canvas site .

For instructors, CTL has the following Canvas resources:

Access to Canvas

  • Instructors and TAs are added through Enrollment Services for SIS-managed (for credit) courses. Your Faculty Administrative Assistant can help you with these access requests.
  • For user access to non-credit course shells, contact

Course sections, merging and cross-listing

Contact for:

  • Course merging – combining multiple lecture sections of a course into one Canvas shell
    • For example, combine Math 100 001 and Math 100 002 into one Canvas shell called Math 100 001 002.
  • Section (lab/tutorial/seminar/practicum) linking
    • Allows you to sort students by lab section for assignment or grading purposes.
  • Cross-listing courses – two different courses combined into one Canvas shell
    • For example, COSC 335 and PHYS 336 combined into one Canvas shell called COSC 335 PHYS 336

Additional CTL Resources

Other UBC Resources