Canvas is UBC’s primary learning platform for delivering online course content.​ Share materials, enable student collaboration and discussion, manage assignments and quizzes, and assign grades. Student support is available through the Peer Technology Assistants at the Student Learning Hub or through the UBC Student’s Guide to Canvas site.


Access Access Canvas at You must have an active UBC CWL to access Canvas.
Canvas works best with the Google Chrome browser.
Instructor Guide (LT Hub) Start here with a guide to setting up your course in Canvas.
Student Guide (LT Hub) Students can start with this a basic Canvas guide.
Support Guides (LT OK) Explore further with our ‘how-to’ Zoom tutorials and eg.
Similar Tools
Canvas is the only centrally-supported tool for running all aspects of your course online. However, depending on your goals, other centrally-supported tools can help you run specific aspects of your course in different ways.

Access and Enrollment requests

All UBC Okanagan (for credit) SIS-managed courses have matching courses in Canvas created, with the Students, Instructors and Teaching Assistants enrolled automatically. Your faculty’s Administrative Assistant can help you with these access requests

  • Lab and tutorial sections are not automatically created, but you can request them by contacting your faculty’s Administrative Assistant, or
  • For user access to non-credit course shells, contact

Course sections, merging, linking and cross-listing

Contact for:

  • Course merging – combining multiple lecture sections of a course into one Canvas shell
    • For example, combine Math 100 001 and Math 100 002 into one Canvas shell called Math 100 001 002.
  • Section (lab/tutorial/seminar/practicum) linking
    • Allows you to sort students by lab section for assignment or grading purposes.
  • Cross-listing courses – two different courses combined into one Canvas shell
    • For example, COSC 335 and PHYS 336 combined into one Canvas shell called COSC 335 PHYS 336

additional resources

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