iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud is an online student response system that allows you to collect and grade responses to in-class questions that students answer individually using their own computer or mobile device.

iClicker Cloud

Availability Instructors download iClicker Cloud from the iClicker website then create a UBC account.
Students create a student account, then access the web application or mobile app.
Canvas Integration iClicker Cloud works in coordination with Canvas.
Privacy iClicker Cloud is FIPPA compliant and most data is stored securely in Canada. Students may use pseudonyms to protect their privacy.
Similar Tools There are limited polling features in Zoom.

About iClicker Cloud

Instructors run an iClicker Cloud desktop application on their computer (both Windows and Mac versions are available) while students access the questions on their own device, either through a web browser or app (available for both Android and Apple smartphones). Students do not need a physical iClicker device.

In order to run iClicker Cloud, instructors need the desktop application, an iClicker instructor account, and must have created a course.

By default, questions are created as multiple choice, but you can change to any of the following question types:

  • multiple choice
  • multiple answer
  • short answer
  • numeric
  • target

You can also select anonymous mode, which allows you to ask sensitive questions that students might not feel comfortable answering if their response could be traced to their identity.

To enable grade syncing, you must link the iClicker Cloud course with your Canvas course then enable grade syncing. Students must also click the link to enable grade syncing to connect their Canvas account with their iClicker Cloud account.