peerScholar is a peer assessment tool that allows instructors to customize the peer assessment methods for individual, group or case study assignments. Students submit their assignment through peerScholar, then assess their peers’ assignments and finally reflect on the feedback received.

Availability peerScholar is an external tool, accessed through Canvas
Canvas Integration peerScholar works in coordination with Canvas
Privacy peerScholar is FIPPA compliant and data is stored securely in Canada.
Similar Tools Peer review tools include Canvas Peer Review, CLAS, PeerWise, and iPeer.

About peerScholar

peerScholar is a web application that facilitates anonymous peer feedback of others’ assignments, as well as self-assessment and reflection on feedback received. Instructors can customize the type of feedback that students provide, and grade both the final assignment and the peer feedback given.

There are three stages to a peerScholar activity:

  1. Create – students create and submit their assignment for assessment.
  2. Assess – each student is assigned a set number of peer submissions to assess. Instructors provide feedback templates, which can include custom rubrics or other formats. Instructors may also require that students self assess their own work.
  3. Reflect – students reflect on the anonymous peer feedback received. Optionally, students can be required to evaluate the feedback received and/or implement the feedback by submitting a revised version of their submission