Zoom is a ​video conferencing and collaboration tool that lets you meet with students in real time. Share your screen, applications, a whiteboard or your iPhone/iPad screen. You can display up to 25 or 49 participants in Gallery mode.


Availability First, request a UBC licensed Zoom account. Add Zoom to your Canvas Course menu through Settings > Navigation. Ensure your default Canvas email address matches your Zoom account address (firstname.lastname@ubc.ca)
Canvas Integration Works within Canvas.
Privacy Zoom is FIPPA compliant and data is stored securely in Canada. See Important! below.


As of July 5, 2020, UBC’s institutional Zoom account transitioned from U.S.-based hosting to Canadian-based hosting. This means no data about you or your students will be stored on servers outside of Canada, provided that your Zoom session is created and hosted by a UBC Zoom user. All data from these sessions will flow through Zoom’s Canadian data centre, regardless of whether any participants are logged in to non-UBC Zoom accounts or not. UBC has also conducted its own privacy assessment to confirm Zoom does meet the university’s other requirements for a teaching and learning tool.

Note that Zoom is FIPPA compliant only if you abide by guidance from UBC Legal: You cannot require students to create free Zoom accounts, as free Zoom accounts are outside of UBC’s educational license and still hosted on U.S.-based servers. In storing and sharing lecture recordings, you must also follow UBC’s security requirements and FIPPA to keep recordings confidential and secure.

About Zoom

Zoom is a ​video/audio web-conferencing and collaboration tool that lets you meet with students in real time. ​Through Zoom you can do many classroom activities: present using whiteboards, share screens and resources, interact by voice or text chats, enable group discussion, and administer polls. Like Collaborate Ultra, Zoom can work in Canvas, but it can also accommodate large numbers of participants and show multiple video feeds at once.