Canvas Assignments & Quizzes

In Canvas, all graded activities appear on both the Assignments page and in the Gradebook, including Assignments, Graded Quizzes and Graded Discussions. Graded and Practice Quizzes appear on the Quizzes page. Practice Quizzes do not appear in the Gradebook.

An Assignment can be used to track participation or attendance, to accept on online submission, to link to an external tool, or can be just a page containing information.

A Quiz contains questions worth points. Those points are summed to determine the value of the Quiz. Quizzes can be timed by setting a time limit, which appears as a countdown timer while the student is taking the Quiz.

Both Assignments and Quizzes can be set to be available within a specific time period and can be assigned a due date.

Midterms and Final Exams Using Assignments or Quizzes

Canvas can be used to collect online assignments and assessments, including midterm and final exams.

You have a number of options for creating and delivering remote exams.

  • There is no one “best” method. Various factors will determine the type of exam (take home, scheduled, open book, closed book) and the method of delivery (invigilated or not) based on your specific course (e.g., learning outcomes, level, size, accreditation requirements. TA support etc).
    • If you have questions or need help with designing or delivering your exam online email the CTL Helpdesk.
    • If you have questions around exam or grading policies, please consult with your Department Head, Director, or Dean.
  • Clearly communicate the format and delivery of the exam to students.
  • Explain why you have chosen the particular design and delivery as this often helps students better understand the rationale and can increase understanding
  • Provide students the opportunity to practice (e.g., similar questioning in low-stakes assessments, practice the technology set-up).
  • Ease student concerns by taking time to answer questions and providing documentation that clearly outlines instructions for the exam as well how to get in touch with you if something unanticipated happens.

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